The way we see the world is unique to each individual. It’s not right or wrong, but it is true. Photography takes this unique viewpoint and translates it into a visual medium so that others may also see that truth.

I never knew this is what I was doing as I ran around the farm taking photos of beautiful sunsets after school on my 3 megapixel webcam. But more recently I’ve realised how fundamental this truth is as I explore my love for lighting and how my eye, camera & lens all work together to interpret that light.

In 2009 I completed my Bachelor of Film and Screen Media Production at Griffith University, during which time I discovered my passion for cinematography & crafting films.

Over the past few years I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with some amazing minds to create content that not only reaches audiences, but pushes the boundaries of how we communicate ideas and tell stories.

Currently I work as a freelance Director of Photography on dramas, documentaries, corporates, music videos & commercials.