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The questionnaire below is a great way to start thinking about all of the elements involved in producing a video.  It also helps us get an idea of what you're after so we can give you a rough quote.  Fill in as many details as you can.  If you're unsure, that's ok.  We're here to help.

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A professional presenter or actor can help effectively communicate ideas or actions. It communicates confidence and can save a lot of time on set.
A voice over is an effective way of communicating ideas or describing a process while showing on-screen visuals.
High Definition (HD) resolution is currently the minimum standard to capture footage. Internet streaming is rapidly transitioning to Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD) resolution to take advantage of photo-like clarity & detail in video. Ultra HD capture also helps future-proof your footage so it can easily be added to down the track and provides more flexibility in post-production.
What cost are you willing to put towards your video?